Lightgrep® Search saves you time

Lightgrep Search provides you with fast searches in EnCase:

  • Fast searching, even with demanding keywords
  • Search Microsoft Office® & Adobe Acrobat® PDF documents
  • Intelligent File Carving
  • Intuitive Excel reports

&#8220Lightgrep is a must have tool; not only is it significantly faster, but you can perform computational searches (like Luhn) and it provides more granular options and control!

—Colby Clark, FishNet Security

See Lightgrep Search in action


Lightgrep was built to be fast! Lightgrep is the fastest search engine for computer forensics and digital media exploitation.

&#8220I imported the built-in the credit card grep expressions from EnCase into Lightgrep. I was very surprised that the search was completed faster by a factor of 4x, given I was searching for 3 grep expressions against a data set of approximately 173GB.

It took EnCase approximately just over 8 hours to search for credit card data with its 3 built-in grep expressions, whereas Lightgrep took just over 2 hours. Now that is fast!!!

Kudos to Lightbox Technologies for designing an innovative tool that should be considered by every EnCase 6 user!

Shafik Punja, Qubyte Logic Ltd

Lightgrep will save you hours on every hard drive you search. Why waste time?


Need to search for 10,000, 100,000, or even 1,000,000 keywords? No problem. We’ve tested Lightgrep with millions of complicated regular expressions to ensure quality and correctness.
Realtime Statistics

Realtime Statistics

With search hit statistics displayed in real-time, you’ll know right away whether the evidence is responsive.

Built-in charts help you easily identify problematic keywords and where you should focus your efforts once the search is complete.

Entity Filter

Entity Search

Do you spend too much time wading through useless and irrelevant search hits? With Entity Search, regular expression search hits are filtered to validate results and reduce false positives. We provide filters to:
  • compare Email Addresses and Internet Hostnames to the list of valid top-level domains
  • check US phone numbers for valid area codes
  • validate credit card numbers using Luhn’s algorithm

Intelligent File Carving

Lightgrep introduces the first truly extensible file carver for EnCase that gives the power back to the user to write code that validates file formats, determines file extensions, and just about anything else. Also unlike many other file carving solutions which operate as black boxes, Lightgrep Search puts the file carving code right where you can see it. You never have to guess what’s going on again. The Library is stocked with popular file formats, and we’ll continue to expand the supported formats in new versions.

Lightgrep not only bookmarks carved files, but also exports to Logical Evidence Files (L01). Using L01′s allows you to retain the full path of the carved file, and very easily bring the output back into EnCase for review with a single drag/drop operation.

Excel Report


Our Excel report provides an overview of results by displaying charts of the top ten keywords by number of hits and file size. The keyword frequency report shows all keywords that were searched, and the resulting hit statistics, which you can easily filter and sort to identify problem keywords. Data categories show which types of files contained the most hits so you can intelligently decide if your file type exclusions should be expanded.


Lightgrep supports the latest revision of the Unicode standard, allowing you to search for text in all languages and even for exotic symbols like , , and 💩. Lightgrep is able to search for hits simultaneously in ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16LE, UTF-16BE, UTF-32LE, and UTF-32BE, with more encodings on the way in future releases.

Get in touch

Have questions? Check out our FAQ. Want a trial version? Please email us at

Lightbox is located in Arlington, VA; if you are local to the D.C. region, we would love to meet up in person.

For a detailed overview of how Lightgrep works, download our paper, presented at the Seventh Annual IFIP WG 11.9 International Conference on Digital Forensics in Orlando, FL.

If you are a developer, our core lightgrep engine is available as open source under the GNU Public License.

EnCase® is a registered trademark of Guidance Software

Why Lightgrep?

  • Thousands of keywords
  • Cuts search times in half
  • Search inside documents (docx, xlsx, pptx, pdf, etc.)
  • Excel reports on per-keyword hit totals
  • Full Unicode support
  • Perl syntax
  • Extensive QA—don't miss hits!